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Earning & Spending Points

Earning Points

Earning points can be an active or passive pursuit, depending on preference. Points will accumulate to each Panda, and there are a multitude of ways to compound your earning potential

Daily accrual

  • A Panda accrues points daily depending on the Rarity Tier they fall into as a result of their existing and upgraded traits
  • Points will accrue every 24 hours for each 10,250 token ID's (which is based on the original collection, plus 250 Infinity Pandas), regardless of whether or not a PPDEX account has been created by the token ID's owner
  • This means that if a user first logs in to the PPDEX three months after the system launches, the amount of points accrued is based on your Panda(s) current/active/published rarity
  • Note that Panda Points accrue and attach to a Panda. To use Panda Points, users must deposit points into their Panda Points Bank

The Panda Points Bank

  • The Panda Points Bank is the central repository where a user can deposit any amount of their accrued Panda Points in (for spend in Panda Lab) or used as the exchange point for Kanpai Casino Chips

Wallet Aggregation in the PPDEX

  • A user can have an unlimited amount of wallets linked to their PPDEX user account. This allows the user to manage all of their Pandas in one location under the singular dashboard
  • For example, Bob may have ten wallets containing 1 Panda each. By linking all these wallets to the PPDEX interface, all Pandas in these ten wallets will be accessible and editable in one place, rather than having to create ten different accounts to achieve the same outcome

Transferring Points

  • Within a singular PPDEX user's account, Panda Points can be transferred between Pandas, irrespective of whether Pandas are stored in the same wallet or not
  • In the case of Bob, per example above, he could register his ten different wallets to his singular user account, where his Pandas would accrue points daily, individually. Bob can then direct all of his Panda Points to his Panda Points Bank to choose to spend as he wishes
  • Owning multiple pandas at different rarity tier/rank means there will be some earning more points than others. By enabling inside point transfers you can send points from your high earners to the lower earning Pandas. You cannot send points to a different wallet/different account in the PPDEX

Spending Points

  • Panda Points can be spent in many fun and creative ways:
    • In the Panda Lab to purchase new traits
    • At the Kanpai Casino
    • At the Kanpai Gaming Platform
    • On raffles for IRL events and other giveaways