KP Docs


The Panda Points DEX is your management dashboard where you'll be able to view all of your current stats, access your Panda(s), manage/move points, enter raffles, participate in bounties, go to the Casino, and buy/build with new traits in the Lab.
The below videos will get a user up to speed with how to interact with the platform.

Getting Set Up

Account Creation: Brief Explanation + Video
Adding a Wallet
Connecting a Wallet
Managing point bank (may be multiple)


  • Inventory are attached to the panda during a sale, Panda Points are optional to allocate to a Panda prior to selling
  • Points can be transferred amongst Pandas in the same wallet/account
  • Points CANNOT be transferred to another user's account- except for a sell
  • Points are also delivered every 24 hrs to your wallet