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Panda Lab


The Panda Lab is where the customization of your Panda happens. The lab unlocks the use-case for Panda Points by enabling the purchase and placement of new traits on your Panda, effectuating the dynamic rarity system.
Panda Lab Example
  • The Panda Lab is where you’re able to purchase and equip traits for your Panda, which changes the on-chain metadata of your Panda, and subsequent rarity ranking
  • To give insight before purchasing a new trait in the Panda Lab, a user can see how this new trait will alter their rarity score in real time compared to other Pandas
  • A user won’t be able to equip, swap, or sell original traits as a Panda, they can only use newly introduced traits
  • A user will not be able to equip the same exact traits as another Panda, so there will be no duplicate Pandas on-chain. Users can have duplicate items, just not the exact same loadout
  • Panda trait counts are now flexible in the Lab. If a Panda had six traits previously, users can purchase items to fill previously empty slots up to the maximum fourteen traits
  • Some trait types cannot be combined with others, so although the option to increase a Pandas trait count is possible, there are certain combinations of traits that are not compatible (eg - Ninja 'Clothes' and 'Head' traits)
  • Note that a user cannot remove the baseline amount of traits from the metadata of a Panda. However, A user can ‘hide’ the traits that they don’t want to be visible on their Panda, where these will reside in the users inventory
  • An example of this is a 9 trait Panda that only wants 4 traits to show; the user will have to select ‘hide’ for the particular traits that they do not wish to show
  • A user can sell traits, but only back to the house, where you will receive a 50% refund of what you purchased the item for (House keeps 50%)
  • A user is able hide every trait that they have equipped, with the exception of the 'Mood' and 'Background' traits. There is a button to toggle the 'hide' function at the top of each trait category

Inventory of Traits

Once you've purchased a trait, it will be immediately equipped. To store a trait in the inventory, simply click on the icon of the item to be stored.
Your inventory will hold all your previously purchased traits while indicating which are in use.

Customize/build your panda step by step

Crafting a Panda Video


  • NO DUPLICATES: There will not be two published on-chain Pandas with the same trait set due to identical metadata causing a miscalculation in the rankings. There is functionality in the alogrithim that prevents this from happening
  • A user can activate more traits than panda originally came with. If a Panda originally held 6 traits, you will be able to add more traits with a maximum of 14 total
    • A user cannot remove the baseline number of traits on the original pandas metadata; however, they can be hidden. If your original panda came with six traits but you only want four to show, you can hide the remaining two
    • The only trait that cannot be hidden is the 'Mood' trait, as this would render a Panda completley featureless
  • Some trait combinations are not compatible such as 'Ninja' clothes trait, and 'Head' traits
  • However, a user can remove the 'Ninja' clothes trait to utilize a 'Head' trait if desired
  • It is possible to "right-click save" any combination of traits in your inventory, but it will not affect rarity/metadata
  • There are one trait per Panda purchase limits on newly released traits
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