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Panda Point Mechanics

Panda Points

As covered in the previous section, 'Dynamic Rarity,' a Panda falls into different Rarity Tiers depending on the Rarity Score it receives from traits that a Panda is either wearing, or stored in Inventory (where the highest scoring item per trait category, either worn or stored, is what defines a Panda's Rarity Score)
The process and the process flow diagram is explained below:
  • To accrue Panda Points per day a user must hold a Panda - this can be an original Panda or an Infinity Panda
  • If a user holds a Panda, you're granted access to IRL events and also to the holders chat in our Discord channel
  • If a user owns a Panda, regardless of whether the user is active or passive, that user's Panda will receive Panda Points based upon it's current Rarity Tier (where a Panda can move up and down the Rarity Tiers due to other Panda's equipping new traits)
  • A Pandas body type determines the corresponding Rarity Tier in which it competes with other Pandas of the same body type
  • Panda's passively accrue points daily regardless of whether a user creates a PPDEX account. Points are visible on the Panda's meta data
  • A Panda holder can then spend points in the Kanpai Casino, Kanpai Gaming, or in the PPDEX on bounties and raffles
  • A user will find themselves either winning or taking a voluntary cooldown depending on their luck with the active pursuits of increasing their Panda Point accounts
  • As a user builds Panda Points either passively or actively, they can use these points in the Panda Lab to purchase new traits from the marketplace and increase the rarity of their Panda
  • The cycle then repeats
Panda Points Process Flow Example


  • Let’s say that Bob has a Kanpai Panda that he wants to upgrade. Bob’s Panda is currently sitting in rarity band 1 (the lowest band)
  • Bob heads to the Kanpai Panda’s PPDEX and uses his points to purchase a 'HFS' item from the available selection in the store
  • Bob equips his Panda with his newly acquired HFS trait upgrade, which immediately alters the on-chain meta data and rarity of his Panda
  • This rarity upgrade could then push Bob into the next Rarity Tier, which not only nets Bob more Panda Points per day, but the overall intrinsic value of Bob’s Panda could also appreciate due to the rarer status that his Panda now holds
  • The more upgrades that Bob purchases with his Panda Points (and equips to his Panda) the more value Bob is adding to his Panda
  • Note though that Bob’s Panda will not remain at this level or rarity banding. The reason for this is that any Kanpai Panda holder can upgrade their Panda based on the items that are available in the Kanpai Panda Point Store
  • As a result of this ongoing and dynamic game, where Panda holders are continually purchasing and equipping upgrades in real time, Pandas will jostle up and down the ladder in their applicable body based Rarity Tier accordingly